On Main Street there's a store called Dollar Tree. As the name clearly implies it's a dollar store. Every item in the store is only a dollar. It's one of 384 in Logan. So how does a store like this advertise? What brings people in to this particular store? The answer lies in what must be a marketing genius.

It seems that Dollar Tree's sole advertising audience is Main Street drivers and riders. Of course they have the type of sign that allows the marketing geniuses to say whatever they want. Earlier this year the sign read "EVERY ITEM ONLY A DOLLAR". Genius!!! How can you say it any better? No way they top that.

Well, they did. Now the sign reads "20 ITEMS FOR 20 DOLLARS. MAKE YOUR DOLLAR GO FARTHER." What? I knew every item is only a dollar, but 20 items for 20 dollars? The deals can't get better? Or can they. I did some math equations and figured out that you could go there and buy 40 items for 40 dollars. Get this, you could even go there and get 100 items for 100 dollars. I know....it's crazy insane but it's true. Now, after 100 items your on your own. I didn't do the complex equations past 100. I don't have all day. But your safe up to 100 items.

I thought this was stupid but then I remembered something. At Christmas time I was in Dollar Tree getting Natalie some classy jewlery. As I'm in line there is a guy two people in front of me with a shirt two sizes too small and a his arms are full of items. As he gets to the cashier he drops his items on the counter and grabs an umbrella and asks the cashier; "How much is this umbrella?".
The cashier says; "One dollar."
Guy; "All the colors?"
Cashier; "Each one, yes."
The man then yells into an unkown isle; "They are one dollar each."
A female voice that has been subjected to a lifetime of smoke says; "Really?, How many should we get?"
The guy; "I don't know? Five?"

If that isn't bad enough the lady in front of me quickly gets on her phone and calls someone and proceeds to tell them in a low voice, as if she just discovered a wonderful secret, and says "Hey, its me. I'm at this store on Main Street and they have umbrellas for only a dollar."

So now you see how genius this sign really is.

I hate to put so many video's up on my blog. It's the laziest form of blogging, however, when these gems keep popping up I feel as though I have no choice. Enjoy!

If you have any questions after watching this then you aren't a true believer.

The link to the Washlet is a huge disappointment. It wasn't, but now it is. It seems as though the company that makes the Washlet has changed their whole website. During this change they completely eliminated the flash based, nudity filled, poorly acted website they previously had which lead me to link to it. Now it's nothing more than a bidet website. To those that never saw the original intended site, I apologize.

I hope you can accept this as a poor substitute.

Or this.


Wedding Dance

Long Hair

I really have no idea how I haven't known about this product before. Everyone should own this. Be warned though, it does contain mild nudity. I'm sorry, but I'm sure you'll agree that the nudity is well done and actually needed.

So open up your wallets, free your minds and enjoy the Washlet!