The link to the Washlet is a huge disappointment. It wasn't, but now it is. It seems as though the company that makes the Washlet has changed their whole website. During this change they completely eliminated the flash based, nudity filled, poorly acted website they previously had which lead me to link to it. Now it's nothing more than a bidet website. To those that never saw the original intended site, I apologize.

I hope you can accept this as a poor substitute.

Or this.


Wedding Dance

Long Hair


Princess Lisa said...

I was lucky enough to see the washlet commercial bums. And anyone who did not see it...your life will never be complete.

But, still, I felt compelled to watch the other videos. And I can't thank you enough. The Slap Dance was timeless. She had it coming to her!
And the hair video? You've opened my eyes into a whole new world of fetish porn... watching long hair work it's magic gets me so hot! Thank you!

Garrett said...

I'm pretty sure the guy in the wedding dance video was tired of the lame dying animal screams and moans music being played by the band. I'm pretty sure he was listening to his MP3 player to drown out the noise. Who could have known that "Smack My Bitch Up" by Prodigy was the first song in the shuffle. I forgive him, a higher power was in control there.

The hair video is disturbing on so many levels. I only watched it 47 times. I am now confused about my sexuality. Thanks Bryan!

Chredna said...

dude, the links don't work....

Bryan said...

They aren't links they are embedded. So you should be able to view on the page. Maybe try a different browser. I'll post the links also.

Chredna said...

Ok, wedding dance, who hasn't wanted to just slap someone while dancing?
And the hair guy was g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!